With the inherited ability to bring souls back from the dead, a young Xhosa woman finds herself on the run and in the middle of a war for power – her power. The lives (and afterlives) of several people become inextricably linked and forever altered because of it.

Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Format: 6x60
Status: Looking For Additional Financing


In the world of Umoya (meaning “soul” / “spirit”), a kind of magic exists that is passed through generations of Xhosa women, granting certain chosen individuals the ability to guide departed souls back from the Great Beyond. However, like any supernatural ability, it finds true beauty in overcoming its restrictions. In Umoya, a host body is needed for the soul to occupy once brought back. This is usually in the form of a chicken, goat, dog or even snakes – a vessel of low resistance.

In the rare case of a soul being transplanted into a living human body, the new and existing spirits will either battle until one is the victor and becomes the sole occupant, or they might share the space indefinitely. To some, this power will automatically translate to a cure for their grief for departed loved ones and for others, it is the dream business model: name your price and desperate people will pay. In the right ( or rather wrong) hands, it is the Lottery ticket that never stops winning. All of this potential resides in one person: Alice.

Based on the books by Writer, Director Etienne Fourie.