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Poppie Nongena (2019)

Based on Elsa Joubert's novel "The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena," regarded as one of the best African novels of the 20th century.

Starring Clementine Mosimane, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Nomsa Nene, Chris Gxalaba, Rolanda Marais.

Date: January 31, 2020
Genre: Biographical Drama
Director: Christiaan Olwagen

The Love For Her Family Held No Curfew.
Needed No Permit. Had No Boundaries.

Poppie Nongena tells the story of a South African woman, an Afrikaans-speaking Xhosa mother, whose life revolves around her family and finding stability in a period of insufferable upheaval in the country. When her husband Stone became too ill to work, Poppie was deemed by the law to be an “illegal” resident in her own country. She engaged in a desperate struggle with the authorities for permission to stay, moving from house to house, applying for permits, extensions, and extensions of extensions, and using every means at her disposal to remain with her children. Caught in the crossfire of her children’s needs, her husband’s illness, community anger, and repressive laws, she was finally forced to give in just as the 1976 riots for freedom erupted.


Winner 2019 SilwerSkerm Film Festival:

Best Feature Film
Best Sound Design
Best Script
Best Director
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Hair And Make-up
Best Costume Design
Best Editor
Best Cinematography
Best Actress in Supporting Role – Nomsa Nene
Best Supporting Actor – Chris Gxalaba
Best Actress – Clementine Mosimane

Winner 2020 SAFTA Golden Horn: 

Best Actress – Feature Film Clementine Mosimane
Best Supporting Actress – Feature Film Anna-Mart van der Merwe

Winner 2020 5th BRICS International Film Festival:

Best Feature Film

Winner 2020 Garden Route International Film Festival (GRIFF):

Best Actress – Feature Film Clementine Mosimane

Nominee 2020 New Vision Film Festival Amsterdam:

Best Picture

Nominee 2020 Efebo dÓro Italy:

Best Picture

Photographer: Melanie Cleary