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Faan Se Trein [Faan’s Train] (2014)

A woman with a secret that forces her and her husband to live in a small South African town schemes to manipulate a smitten, simple-minded man into turning over his family's valuable antiques that include a rare violin.

Starring Willie Esterhuizen, Deon Lotz, Marius Weyers, Anel Alexander, Nicola Hanekom.

Date: January 24, 2014
Genre: Drama
Director: Koos Roets

A big story about small people…

Faan (Willie Esterhuizen) lives in a small Karoo town with his father and their housekeeper Truia (Anel Alexander). He’s a little slow and a little confused much of the time, but mostly he’s harmless; except when the local schoolboys tease him, as they frequently do. During yet another teasing episode, Faan accidentally runs into the Doctor’s (Deon Lotz) wife Beatrice (Nicola Hanekom), who was raised in Pretoria but now lives in this one-horse town because of a secret she and her husband must hide. Faan is now very interested in Beatrice, especially when her blouse rips during the encounter. Beatrice has no interest in even knowing this individual exists, until she discovers that he and his father own some antiques that were passed down from father to son for years, including a very valuable violin. So Beatrice starts her plan to get her hands on the goods, by manipulating the simple-minded fellow to do her will.


Winner 2012 SilwerSkerm Film Festival:

Best Feature Film
Best Director – Koos Roets
Beste Actor – Willie Esterhuizen
Best Supporting Actor – Deon Lotz
Best Supporting Actress – Anel Alexander
Best Script Writing – Pieter Fourie and Koos Roets
Best Cinematography – Amelia Henning
Best Editing – Nicholas Costaras
Best Sound Design – Barry Donnely

Winner 2019 SAFTA Golden Horn:

Best Achievement in Production Design – Feature Film Waldemar Coetsee
Best Achievement in Make-up and Hairstyling – Feature Film Theola Booyens

Nominee 2019 SAFTA Golden Horn: 

Best Feature Film
Best Actor – Feature Film Willie Esterhuizen
Best Supporting Actress – Feature Film Nicola Hanekom
Best Supporting Actor – Feature Film Deon Lotz
Best Achievement in Sound Design – Feature Film Barry Donnelly
Best Achievement in Directing – Feature Film Koos Roets
Best Achievement in Script Writing – Feature Film Pieter Fourie
Best Achievement in Editing – Feature Film Nicholas Costaras
Best Achievement in Costume Design – Feature Film Leonie Roberts
Best Achievement in Sound – Feature Film Barry Donnelly

Photographer: Ilze Kitshoff